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As a transport agency, we take care to bring your merchandise to your destination safely and within the agreed terms as you agree. To do this we take care of putting to your service the type of vehicle most suitable for your interests. We have frigolonas and refrigerators suitable for carrying goods that need to be kept at a certain temperature as well as general merchandise.

We deal with administrative procedures

At Loyan-Trans, we deal with administrative procedures. You just have to tell us what merchandise you want to transport and agree on a place and a destination date. We are dedicated to national and international transport, so we direct routes throughout Spain and Europe.

We have experience in both territories and we guarantee a good service, taking care of the merchandise on the road. Our management team as our operators have experience in the transport of goods. Our team of carriers is made up of qualified personnel who knows the best treatment for each merchandise and knows how to develop in both national and international territory.

The staff of our offices have a great tour in national and international transactions. We know the necessary bureaucratic requirements in each country and border.

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Professionals with more than 25 years of experience

We work to provide an agile service

As a transport agency, we manage the whole process of transportation of goods. We give order of loading and unloading to our operators, facilitating the necessary procedures to obtain a fast process and to avoid contingencies. Our employees know what they have to do at all times. We maintain a direct communication with them as well as with our clients to make sure that we eliminate the delays that hinder the process or delay the deliveries.

Loyan-Trans was founded in 2012 by qualified professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the merchandise transport sector. We have grown as the sector evolved and we are proud to be able to offer a quality service to facilitate the commercial activity of other companies.

We orientate our activity towards a constant improvement

For us a quality transport service means that the merchandise arrives in a suitable state, preserving all its characteristics and maintaining the value it had when the load was carried out. The professionalism of our services allows customers to trust us. At Loyan-Trans, we guarantee that your merchandise is safe, as the completely professional team shares the quality and punctuality values of the company.

We are committed to a double-track communication between our management team and our operators. It is very important that this communication is fluent because the management team is aware of how the sector changes on a practical level and can make decisions that make the company progress and the quality of our services. In the same vein, carriers are at all times informed of the changes from within the company. In this way we make sure that all the drivers know their tasks, their destinations, the indispensable information of the client for which they are working at any moment, their merchandise and any change that can affect the deliveries or the routes have to make.

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To make each delivery effectively we have a network of own transport. Our fleet is made up of different types of trailers that allow us to offer you the most suitable vehicle to transport your merchandise. We have tractor heads that are combined with semi-trailers with different characteristics. Thanks to this, we can transport both general merchandise and products that must be kept at a controlled temperature.

On the other hand, the fleet is equipped with control systems that allow having information of the order state at all times, so that our company and the client can obtain information about the delivery when they want it. We take care of keeping our equipment up to date. Technological evolution allows us to improve the service we offer to companies. In Loyal-Trans, we always bet on incorporating all the necessary advances to offer an increasingly effective service.

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