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We are a company specializing in refrigeration transportation. Our fleet is made up of conditioned vehicles to transport merchandise that must remain at a certain temperature its correct conservation. Loyan-Trans is responsible for delivering your order with the promise of maintaining these optimal conditions for the merchandise.

We keep the products in the ideal environment

Our goal is to provide the best service by keeping the products in the ideal environment. We are an essential resource for long-distance trade in certain sectors such as perishable foods and some medicines, among others.

We carry out refrigerated transport routes in Spain and Europe. Our vehicles fulfil the necessary requirements to carry out this business activity.

At Loyan-Trans, we are up to date on all legal agreements concerning the national and international transport of perishable goods. We follow the technical and sanitary regulations on the requirements to be met by refrigerated transport and the control mechanisms to be applied to ensure the conservation of the goods.

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The semi-trailer of a refrigerated truck is usually constructed of fibre. In the inner part, the walls, the floor, the ceiling and the doors are made with insulating material. This prevents the outside temperature from going into the vehicle and maintaining the temperature that the merchandise needs during the transfer. The refrigerated transport has an engine that refrigerates the interior of the same one, maintaining the ideal temperature for each order.

Refrigeration transports prevent meteorological changes from influencing the temperature affecting the merchandise. They act as an insulator to keep the products of their interior in a suitable environment. For the transport of goods at controlled temperature is essential a quality vehicle that keeps them in optimal conditions, preserving their properties for the consumption of the final customer.

Our vehicles comply with the laws relating to refrigeration

At Loyan-Trans, we take care that all our vehicles comply with the laws relating to refrigeration transportation. We make sure we have all the permits, certificates and homologations a day. We keep track of all our trucks. To do this, we submit them to periodic checks that corroborate the good condition of the transport and allow detecting anomalies in an easy way. After each discharge, the vehicles pass through the relevant control and are cleaned.

In the same way, from the offices, we manage all the orders of our clients and we maintain a fluid communication with the drivers of the trucks. It is they who control the order from loading until it is discharged, so we consider it important that they have all the necessary guidelines and inform us immediately if any inconvenience arises. Our drivers are perfectly fit and have experience to treat the merchandise and maintain the proper temperature conditions for this.

The control rules on refrigerated transport change depending mainly on three aspects: the vehicle class, the type of product being transported and the country in question. Some of these standards are common to other means of transport and goods while others are more stringent or specific. The aim of these standards and the need to follow them is to ensure the hygiene and correct maintenance of the product until it reaches the final consumer.

We transport your merchandise safely

We live in a system where desires and needs surpass physical barriers. Many companies need to import or export products under very specific conditions. Perishable Foods and other products need this type of transport so that their trade can extend beyond the territory in which it is produced.

As a refrigeration transport company, we are one more link in the marketing chain. We have an important role to play, since our mission is to ensure that the products travel in the right conditions. A correct transfer allows the merchandise to arrive in an optimum state for its consumption, preserving all the original properties thanks to the environment in which they have been preserved.

To achieve this goal, our commitment is to carry out all legal controls stipulated by law to our fleet’s refrigerated vehicles. We also take care to carry out the specific care necessary to maintain our refrigeration transport in the appropriate state to perform this service.

Perishable goods are considered all products that need to be kept at a particular temperature in places with specific conditions. It is important that the drivers are able to make the delivery because the particular needs of each merchandise are determinant for the journey but also for the loading and unloading of the products.

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