Loyan-Trans is a national and international transport Company. We focus on the transport of general merchandise and temperature-controlled. We have our own fleet and we have collaborators in order to provide an integral service.

We develop our activity collaborating with other companies in the same sector to give a greater and better service to our clients in the moments of more demand. They are companies of our absolute confidence, so we guarantee our customers reliability, guarantee and safety. We are always in touch with them, as if they were part of our own company, to manage the entire transportation process successfully.



To support our fleet we have a number of collaborators who also belong to the transport sector. They are companies of our confidence to which we value for their professionalism in the transport of goods, the human quality of their equipment and the orientation of their business activity towards the constant improvement. For all reasons we believe that, we can trust them.

At Loyan-Trans, we always bet on offering a professional service tailored to the needs of each client. Since our clients trust us with the way we develop our professional activity, we believe that they deserve that we are always there for them. For this reason, we bet to integrate the services companies of confidence in certain moments. The objective of this type of collaboration is always to cover the service that our clients need.

Our collaborators support us in the times of greatest demand in order to continue giving our clients a complete and quality service. Of course, loyal-Trans responds for them in any circumstance. Our clients trust us as a company and therefore we offer them the best solution for each situation.

When our collaborators work with us we offer the same service as when we do it with the company’s own resources. That is why we are concerned that the values of the auxiliary companies with which we work are aligned with ours. We rely on the experience of the workers because we want you to be as calm as when it comes to the staff of our company. We make sure that the personnel of these companies have the necessary experience and the resources to develop in a journey and to carry out a quality service. We also make sure that the transport of the collaborating companies fulfils all the technical requirements demanded at the legal level for the transport of goods.

We maintain a direct contact with the collaborating companies and their staff as if they were from our own company to be able. Being in constant contact with them allows us to manage the projects as well as when it comes to our operators so that the delivery is done successfully. Our goal in relation to the collaborators is that you have the peace of mind that we put your merchandise safe.


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