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National freight transport

At Loyan-Trans, we offer you a national freight service. We have extensive experience in the distribution of general and temperature-controlled products. We have our own fleet to take care of your order, taking your merchandise to any part of the peninsula.

Safe transfers for your merchandise

Our company has 6 years of experience in the sector and our professionals with many more. At the bureaucratic level, we are constantly updated, as laws and procedures can change in A short time. At the technological level, our company evolves as the market does. We modernize our vehicles and the company’s equipment to offer more and more accurate services.

We work all over the national road network. The materials we transport belong to other companies, so the most important thing for Loyan-trans is to carry out complete control and follow-up. Our goal is to safeguard the safety of the goods we transport. That is why we are concerned that all our vehicles exceed exhaustive quality controls. We keep up to date the certificates that guarantee the safety of the transport and our commitment to the environment.

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Professionals with more than 25 years of experience

Products at regulated temperature

In the case of products at regulated temperature, we have an extreme care in relation to the merchandise and the conditions in which it is transferred. We know that the temperature is decisive during the whole process, from the load to the discharge of the merchandise. Our operators have the knowledge necessary to load, transport and deliver products that need to be kept in specific thermal conditions.

As for the national transport of general merchandise, the products are treated with the care that require their characteristics. Loyal-Trans drivers always make the journeys with the professionalism expected of them, starting and arriving at the agreed time. The goal is to provide a quality service that meets the needs of our customers.

Work with Loyan-Trans

Our philosophy of work allows us to offer you a process of national transport of quality. A fast service that respects the agreed deadlines and in which all the parties know the state of the delivery at all times translates into confidence. For us the most important thing is to get this trust from our customers. Maintaining a customer means a constant improvement in the face of the sector’s massive competition, so in Loyan-trans we focus our efforts on providing a good service whose result is the confidence and tranquillity of the customers.

At Loyan-Trans, we think that this is a very useful additional feature for customers, as it helps them to save time and facilitates some management within their company. Finally, our drivers are always up to date on the training in the subjects related to each type of truck and merchandise. In the same way, we make sure that all of them share the business


Regarding the legal part, we have all the certificates that demonstrate the perfect condition of our transport. Loyan-Trans compromises its business with the environment. That is why we are concerned that all our vehicles and our collaborators respect the current laws regarding emissions of gases harmful to the planet. We are committed to the control and monitoring of all our assets to ensure an agile and productive service. In this way we avoid possible mistimes in the transport of each merchandise.

Our commitment is punctuality and proper treatment of merchandise. That is why we strive to meet each order in a personalized way to be able to assign the vehicle that best suits your needs. At Loyan-Trans, we believe that trust is the result of excellent service. That’s why we are committed to offering a quality service that allows our clients to trust us.

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