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Loyan-Trans is a logistics and transportation company. Our specialty is to move goods at controlled temperature. Although we also frequently transport general merchandise. We have a fleet of conditioned trucks for different types of merchandise. We make trips at national and international level.

Transport adapted to the necessities of each client

We offer a transport adapted to the necessities of each client because we always seek to give a good and useful service. We work to make your life easier, so we serve your needs whether they are logistics and transportation or transport only.

The communication between Loyan-trans and our clients is essential for our activity, because it allows optimizing the time for both parties. That is why from our offices we take care to manage everything to offer an agile service. In the same way, we are in charge of maintaining an open communication between our management team and our team of operators, so that each carrier knows perfectly where to go and at what time. This policy also helps us to be quick in the face of possible last-minute changes.

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Professionals with more than 25 years of experience

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We deal with the management of each order so that we can control the whole process. Respecting everything agreed with the client allows us to offer an efficient and quality service.

This translates into confidence on the part of the customer towards Loyan-trans. This is how we improve every day and we are a solid company in the market. Our work is oriented to get the tranquillity of the customer by leaving the process of logistics and transport in the hands of our company.

Continuous improvement in the management of each project

In Loyan-Trans, all the professional efforts are oriented to the continuous improvement in the management of each project. We take care of training our workers as the sector progresses. In this way, we make sure that they dominate the different types of transport and the necessities of each merchandise.

The management team works in charge of updating the company in legal matters, since the laws change with the passage of time and for us it is essential to keep up to date. We also orientate our teams towards the technological updating. We include all the technological advances that we consider determinants to offer a better service every day. We believe in technology as a tool to provide services to our customers in a more and more precise way.

All our trucks have an integrated GPS system

Our trucks are conditioned so that each merchandise arrives at its destination maintaining its own characteristics. We treat matter as if it were for our own company. We take care to carry out the loads and discharges and the routes with the precautions that each product requires.

On the other hand, we take care that, as a customer, you are always informed of your order, following the objective of offering a quality transportation service. All our trucks have an integrated GPS system that allows the customer to know the status of their order at any time of the process.

Since one of our values is trust, we choose transparency as the only way to carry out our work. We want you to be confident that you can trust us and our commitment is to show you why.

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