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International freight

At Loyan-Trans, we have extensive experience in international freight transport. We are dedicated to making routes throughout Europe in which we transport general merchandise and merchandise at controlled temperature.

We have great experience in Central Europe

Within the international transport, our main destination is Central Europe. We have great experience in the countries of this area and we know perfectly the documents and the bureaucratic procedures demanded to exchange merchandise with them. With regard to the rest of European countries, we dominate administrative management and we have the resources to achieve in a short period all the necessary permissions to transport a certain merchandise.

Our drivers know the countries in which we work thanks to their experience, so they have the ability to develop on the way and interact with the companies and the people of the country. This makes them capable of carrying out their work successfully and solving any unforeseen that may happen.

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Professionals with more than 25 years of experience

Why work with

We are in charge of providing a complete and quality service. From our offices, we handle each order. We maintain a constant communication with the client as with the carrier that will perform that service. This way we make sure that all the parts know exactly when the product is going to be loaded and when it will reach its destination. We bet on this way of working because it benefits both companies.

Our workers can better organize their route if they know exactly what times they are waiting for. Our clients can manage all the activity related to the arrival or departure of that merchandise. Being in constant contact with both the carrier and the customer allows us to offer an agile service that facilitates the development of both business activities. Why work with Loyan-Trans.

We offer you safe and quality transportation

International freight means long-distance travel. The merchandise spends a lot of time in the truck and it is very important that the temperature conditions are ideal for each product. Our work as a company is to guarantee the optimal treatment of your merchandise during the whole process, from the load to the discharge of the same one.

The transport is necessary to carry out the commercial activity. At Loyan-Trans We are aware of this and work so that commercial development can take place safely. In this way, our customers have the peace of mind that their products are transported safely and that they work with a company that cares about surpassing the quality controls.

Communication between administrators and operators

We maintain an open and fluid communication between administrative and operator. This way the company is up to date on what is going on outside and the carriers are at all times aware of what to do. We are committed to this policy in order to achieve a broader view of the international freight market and thus be able to offer a more efficient service every day.

We take care that all loyal-trans carriers have their habitation up to date in order to transport international merchandise. The management and monitoring of internal bureaucratic procedures allows us to become a solid company that can attend at all times a new Commission.

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