We have a fleet suitable for all the products we transport. Our network of vehicles consists of tractors, refrigerators and frigolonas. As you can see, we are prepared to transport general merchandise and perishable goods. We work with a set of technologically equipped trucks that benefit both our own company and our client.

Loyal-Trans vehicles have an identification system so that at all times, both the company and the customer can know what the state of the delivery is. This saves time and facilitates the management of services to both companies. In this way, we can control all the services that are being carried out with professionalism and precision.


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We have tractor heads, refrigerators and Frigolonas. The tractors are what we commonly known as a trailer cabin. This vehicle drags a semi-trailer that is added to this by a joint. The merchandise that this vehicle can carry and the way it is loaded depends on the type of trailer that is incorporated into the tractor head.

The advantage compared to the rest of trucks is that the load can be spread between several axes, making the vehicle easier to control and the load is more stable. This helps when transporting the merchandise and maintaining its original properties throughout the journey.

The main use of refrigerated trucks is the transport of perishable goods or other goods, which must be kept at a controlled temperature. The refrigerating trucks incorporate an independent engine that allows conditioning the interior of the trailer according to the characteristics of the product that is going to be transported.

The Frigolonas are trucks whose sides are covered with sliding tarps. It has the characteristics of a refrigerating truck in terms of the correct preservation of perishable goods. The main difference is the way of loading. The Frigolonas allow loading the merchandise on the sides, which sometimes makes them much more appropriate than the trucks with only rear load.

It is a very versatile type of truck because it is used for general and perishable merchandise. In addition, the product type determines how it is loaded into the Frigolona, which adapts to the requirements of the order. The Frigolona is a hybrid that combines the flexibility of the tarpaulins with the water tightness of the fibre that is commonly used to build the refrigerating trucks.

We can adapt to your necessities of transport of perishable goods. Choose the type of vehicle most suitable for the conservation of your cargo and we take care of taking it to your destination.

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The transport of goods contributes to the warming of the planet with the emissions of gases and wastes expelled by the combustion engines. All vehicles in our fleet are homologated and comply with the Euro 5 and Euro 6 emissions regulations. This European code regulates the emissions of CO2, nitrogen oxide and particles expelled measured in milligrams per kilometre of vehicles according to their class and their weight.

The legal regulations on pollution of vehicles evolve towards the least possible contamination of the planet and towards the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases. Euro 5 and 6 are the current environmental regulations whose purpose is to reduce the emission of polluting gases from diesel vehicles.

In addition to compliance with the regulations, we take care that all our vehicles pass routine checks. In a way we guarantee that, our fleet is always ready to attend any service that is present. This policy of monitoring and control of vehicles allows us to be faster and more efficient in addition to avoiding possible contingencies in the transport route of the goods.

Thanks to our fleet of vehicles, we can have everything under control in every delivery we make. The disposition of various types of trucks and the correct application of the regulations that affect our fleet and the services we offer allow us to do our work effectively. We manage the whole process with the objective that the deliveries arrive punctually.

Our value bet is to exercise a transportation service for our customers in which their merchandise arrives at their destination with their original features and on the date, they are expected. In this way, we give you the possibility to outsource part of your business activity with the confidence that we do an efficient service to maintain the image and professionalism of your company.

Our company is active since 2012 and our professionals have more than 25 years of experience in the transport sector. Our fleet is updated and renewed progressively as changes in the technological market arise. With this origin and travel, we constitute ourselves as a company that offers a quality service and whose promise is the professionalism and punctuality.


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