Loyan-Trans is a road haulage company. We are dedicated to getting your merchandise from wherever you want and to where you need it safely. We act both at the national and international levels. We have vehicles adapted to transport goods at regulated temperature. We also transport general merchandise.

Our work is based on offering a professional and quality service, becoming a company of trust for our clients and committing to give a quality service in all the details. We aim to be among the best companies in the sector and for this, we bet for attention to detail in all the orders we make.

One of the most important factors in Loyan-trans is to give our customers the peace of mind that both the company and the merchandise will receive professional service and treatment. Quality and trust are the values that move us, so our commitment is to preserve the merchandise and transport it under the conditions and the agreed deadlines.

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At Loyan-Trans, we make sure that all our trucks are in perfect condition and comply with the laws in force regarding the transport companies, both nationally and internationally.

In this way, our clients have the peace of mind that they receive a respectful service with their merchandise and with their company. This practice does justice to another of our values the quality of service we offer.




Loyan-Trans was born in the year 2012. Professionals with more than 25 years of experience founded it, so they are qualified people to run a company. Knowing the sector and having witnessed its evolution serves us on many occasions to anticipate future changes and others to know how to manage them when presented. To the experience in the sector is added the constant updating. We always present the capacity and concern to continually improve the service we offer.

We are a serious and responsible company focused on the national and international transport of goods. We know that we operate in a crowded sector with high competition, but that has never stopped us. On the contrary, it gives us the strength to improve day after day and thus offer the best service for you. To this day, Loyan-Trans is a consolidated transport company that always works according to our main objectives: precision and punctuality. This work philosophy allows us to offer a professional and quality national and international transport service.

We have our own fleet made up of various types of transport to offer you the most suitable vehicle to transport your merchandise. We also collaborate with trusted companies within the sector with the aim of continuing to offer the best service in the most demanding moments. We can assure you that when our collaborators work for us, the service is carried out according to the same values that are governed by Loyan-Trans.
Our service is based on the export and import of general merchandise and merchandise at controlled temperature throughout the country and throughout Europe. Our main activity is export to Switzerland. We specialize in the procedures related to the country. We import general goods, mostly from Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy. We take care of the national and international transport of goods, committing that the whole genre arrives safely and punctually where you want.

The company is located to the south of Castellón, province located to the north of Valencia. The offices are in Burriana while our plant is located in Villarreal. Being located in the northern part of the Mediterranean makes us a point of union between the national territory and the European territory.

As for the national transport, the company is in good place since we are located in an area with a large industrial fabric whose activity does not exist, or at least not so potent, in the rest of the country. In this way, we are at a strategic point if the objective of your company is the national transport of goods.

We adapt to the necessities of the products that you buy and sell with transport adapted to each merchandise, guaranteeing a safe and quality service.


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